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Construction Training Fund

Construction Training Fund

About Construction Training Fund

Construction Training Fund (CTF) is a Statutory Authority for the construction workforce. We help ensure Western Australia’s building and construction industry can meet the demand for skilled workers and create a safe, sustainable future for all who work in the industry.

We provide support to attract and retain workers by promoting training and skills development. Together we are supporting a diverse and skilled workforce for resilient, sustainable and balanced growth that benefits the entire community.

For employers, CTF offers grants for offsetting the cost of hiring an apprentice. This initiative provides employers with the confidence to invest in the construction workforce future.

We work with organisations of all sizes, as well as industry peak bodies, state and local government, schools, teachers, students, parents and individuals in the community to encourage a fulfilling and rewarding career in the building industry. Additionally, we strive to encourage working environments that promote mental health and inclusivity.