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Vacuum Toilets Australia

Vacuum Toilets Australia

The Toilet Reinvented

A toilet is a toilet – right? Not quite. 

The traditional water closet has not been altered in many, many years. Sure, you may have seen some fancy bidet options and heated seats, but the principle remains the same. You go, you flush and let gravity take care of the rest. But hold on, there is a new kid on the block! 

The Vacuum Toilet

Actually, vacuum toilets have been around for years. Most of us will have had our first interaction with a vacuum toilet on an airplane or cruise ship. What do planes and ships have in common? They have limited room for water and waste. Low-flush vacuum toilets were invented to cater to the constraints of planes and ships. More recently, this smart technology was adopted by the construction industry to conserve water and make buildings more sustainable


Vacuum Toilets Australia will be holding a product demonstration on Saturday, 10 August 2024 from 10am – 11am in meeting room 7.