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Zip Water

Zip Water

Zip Water is excited to announce the launch of its most innovative product yet, the Zip HydroTap Celsius Plus All-In-One Pull-Out, the world’s first All-in-One tap with the convenience of five water types, and a unique integrated hose system, delivering a snag-proof pull-out sprayer.

Combining the best of HydroTap G5 technology with a snag free, retractable pull-out sprayer for flexibility and convenience, the HydroTap Celsius Plus All-In-One Pull-Out was developed in response to consumer demand.

Eliminating the need for additional taps, it declutters benchtops and delivers functional versatility, seamlessly switching from instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water, to spray mode at the press of a button.

The HydroTap Celsius Plus All-In-One Pull-Out features an under-bench compact hose management system that ensures the tap hose retracts without snagging – a consumer insight that inspired the creation of a proprietary hose management system.